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Chat with Dr Bliss Cavanagh, one of the world's leading experts in the design and benefits of sensory rooms. For a limited time only Dr Bliss is offering a free 15 minute phone consultation!


Set Your Goals

First, we'll ask all the right questions to identify if we're the right fit for your sensory room needs. Then we'll dive deeper to identify your sensory room goals to get the best beneficial outcomes.


Starter Plan + Estimate

Receive a free initial estimate/range based on your sensory room needs as part of a customised starter plan, plus the best next steps to make your dream sensory space a reality!

Who this is for



Organisations & businesses including hospitals, schools, workplaces & corporate environments, disability organisations, pyschology, occupational therapy and other allied healthcare settings.


Organisations & businesses looking to improve the health & wellbeing of their participants, clients, students and staff members.


Organisations & businesses with a strong vision towards offering a point of difference and becoming a leader in wellbeing support.

Not for


Private homes for more individualised use (if you are looking to find sensory experiences that are open to the community, follow @drbliss.sensoryartist on socials to discover upcoming events!).


Organisations or businesses seeking only a partial or corner fit-out (our research and experience shows that a complete space is the most effective).


Organisations or businesses looking for more interactive/technology-based equipment/experiences.

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