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We’re the leading experts in purpose-designed inclusive calming sensory spaces. Each sensory room is manufactured in NSW and we install across Australia.

Meet our founder,

Dr Bliss Cavanagh

Dr Bliss Cavanagh is both an artist and an academic who challenges the ways our traditional built environment influences our experience of life. She is one of the world’s leading experts in the design and benefits of calming sensory rooms.

As a university student, Bliss began creating sensory-based works to relieve her symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome, a neurological disorder characterised by tics, which often triggers other conditions such as anxiety. Building her first multisensory environment had a profound impact on her life. She had never felt so calm and tic-free before.

But it wasn’t just her. Others came to see the work – and their reactions were remarkable. Parents had never seen their kids so calm and engaged, Adults said they’d never felt so calm and happy at the same time.

That’s when Bliss realised that she could design sensory spaces with an other-worldly, magical, ‘wow’ factor that helped both neurodivergent and neurotypical people. Indeed, she was so convinced that sensory rooms could benefit the general population that she decided to put her theory to the test by completing a PhD on the topic.

Bliss’s PhD research investigated the health and wellbeing benefits of her innovative multisensory environments. It drew on the science and benefits of positive psychology, receptive arts engagement, restorative environments and multisensory interventions.
Published internationally, it proved the benefits of sensory spaces in the general population.

Since gaining her PhD, Bliss has worked on many major commissioned projects within mental health, disability, education, gallery and community settings to engage and resolve issues of accessibility, inclusivity, mental health and wellness.

In 2016, Bliss was selected as a Young Social Pioneer by the Foundation for Young Australians for her innovative work in this field.

Bliss was awarded the Specialised Small Business at the Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2024.


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What do our clients say?

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The sensory room looked absolutely amazing!!! Our clients enjoy it on a daily basis, benefiting from the peace, space and comfort it gives them. I would recommend Creative Sensory Spaces to anyone and everyone considering doing it.
Challenge Community Services
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All your senses can be fulfilled. The design and the individualisation of the spaces are absolutely amazing. Many thanks to Bliss and the Creative Sensory Spaces team for working with us to deliver the most perfect spaces for our participants.

The Mai-Wel Group
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Our sensory room brings so much joy, peace and happiness… I’m over the moon with it. It’s been a great investment. The proof is there. Every week I get new people calling up saying I’ve heard about the sensory room or my friend’s child is going there and I’ve seen a huge improvement in their behaviour… it’s the opportunity to calm down… they learn how to de-escalate. They’re calmer, they’re more engaged… we haven’t had any meltdowns. Thank you to Creative Sensory Spaces for bringing so many smiles and so much wonder into every single day!

Cheeky Monkeys Occupational Therapy for Children

Room users have plenty of wonderful feedback too.

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When I left after my first experience I really felt like I was floating on a cloud – like that kind of mental space. But the focus remained.​

Research participant
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It’s almost like you get this dose of happy.

Research participant
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… my spirits were lifted. …probably a couple of weeks of just feeling a lot better.

Research participant