Who we help

We help… everyone. Our calming sensory rooms aren’t only for people with a diagnosed condition. We can all benefit from a room to reset.

Our clients span healthcare, education, disability, entertainment / sports venues and both private and public sector employers. Often, we hear that an organisation put the room in for their client group but have found it just as useful for their staff.

Room users themselves include people who:

  • Have a lot on their plate just now and feel overwhelmed
  • Have had a stressful day and need to reset
  • Feel anxious, exhausted or depressed
  • Are struggling at school or work
  • Live with health difficulties or neurodiversity-related conditions.

That’s all of us, really, at one time or another.

Relieve sensory overload in a sensory room
Sensory rooms for autism

What we do

We design, create and install world-leading calming sensory spaces that do all the work for you and are backed by evidence-based research across several disciplines.



Receptive arts





Why have a sensory room?

Because the need is great.
According to the most recent Australian census:

78.6% of Australians

78.6% of Australians had at least one long-term health condition in 2020-21

46.6% of us

46.6% of us had at least one chronic condition

1 in 5

1 in 5 of us lives with a mental or behavioural condition

It’s no wonder that an estimated 5-16.5% of the general population have symptoms associated with sensory processing challenges. Estimates are higher for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 

We’re also still living with the effects of the pandemic – stress, burnout, financial strain and relationship tensions to name a few. Winning people back to the office isn’t easy.

We all need

Room to reset

Installing a sensory room by Creative Sensory Spaces provides your staff, students or clients with a soothing, calming, emotionally nourishing experience. Refreshed from their time in the room, they’re more able to engage well with the world around them.