Sensory room installation for
schools and universities

Education is a great privilege, opening up many opportunities for a fulfilling life. But juggling deadlines, managing friendships, or getting through exams is difficult.

Both neurotypical and neurodiverse students (and staff!) can benefit from a room to reset. That’s why we install calming sensory rooms in schools and universities.

A calming sensory space provides ‘room to reset’.

While there is much to enjoy, navigating school or university can sometimes be challenging.
Students may struggle for several reasons
  • Pressure to succeed
  • Anxieties about grades
  • Loneliness or social difficulties
  • Overwhelmed by the workload
  • Noisy environment
  • Difficulties at home
  • Complex health needs – autism, ADHD, anxiety etc.
  • Sensory overload
  • Too many people

It’s an immersive, other-worldly experience that soothes the senses and restores capacity, enabling students to return to the classroom, lab or library in a better frame of mind.

Benefits for schools

A calming sensory room can calm or stimulate many students, not just specific sensory needs.

Self-management benefits were found during the use of the sensory room:

  • Relieve anxiety and feel calm
  • Improve focus
  • Relax
  • Improve self-regulation
  • Enhance a sense of control and choice
  • Develop communication and social skills.

A calming sensory room may also help to prevent or manage meltdowns – a common response to sensory overload.

Sensory room installation
Benefits for schools

Avoiding or managing meltdowns with a calming sensory room

Build relaxation into the daily routine

Reduce the likelihood of a meltdown occurring by decompressing in the sensory room

Ward off a meltdown at the ‘rumble’ stage
Enter the sensory room before the meltdown hits to relieve the pressure
Manage a meltdown

Soothe the senses and slowly regulate emotions.

Benefits for universities

As part of her PhD research in 2016, our founder, Dr Bliss Cavanagh, installed a calming sensory room in a study room within a university library. The room was an immersive artistically designed multisensory environment that stimulated the senses of sight, touch, hearing and smell. 

Self-management benefits of increased positive affect and decreased negative affect and perceived stress were found in participants from a university community following time spent in an artistically designed multisensory environment (SAS).

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Features of the room

  • Dark, blacked-out room
  • Illuminated, nature-inspired artworks and sculptural forms
  • Weighted blankets and cushions
  • Soft seating
  • Instrumental music
  • Floral aromas
  • Proprioception

Participants were aged 18-54. Some had no known health conditions; others had been diagnosed with conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, autism or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Emotions before going in
  • Frustrated
  • Anxious
  • Tired
After time in the room
  • Relaxed
  • Happy

Our installation process

We specialise in complete calming sensory room fit-outs, from original design to final delivery and installation.

Consultation and assessment
  • In-depth analysis of your requirements and goals
  • Collaboration with educators to identify sensory needs
Design and planning
  • Customised sensory room designs that align with educational objectives
  • Integration of age-appropriate sensory elements
Installation and set up
  • Professional installation of sensory equipment and features 
  • Thorough testing and quality assurance
Training and support
  • Training sessions for educators on maximising the benefits of the sensory room 
  • Ongoing support and maintenance services 

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