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Ready to take your dream sensory space starter plan to the next level? Let’s help you choose a design package that works best for you and your organisation!

Your Dream Sensory Space

Whether it be for yourself or a myriad of multiple decision makers, we’re offering two design package options that will give you everything you need to make your dream sensory space a reality.

Choose your Design Package

EasyShare Package


A shareable design package document.

Exclusory Package


In-person design presentation at your location.

Sensory Room Preparation
Success Guide

Five evidence-based recommendations to ensure your space reaches maximum effectiveness


Block our any windows or natural light. This is best done through boarding for a cleaner look, rather than curtains or blinds. Creating a dark space is key to creating an otherworldly experience and strategically orchestrating sensory input.

Walls & ceiling

Paint walls, edgings and ceiling black to enhance the sense of space and optimise for lighting effects. Pro tip: Use a semi-gloss or low sheen paint (avoid matte black as this marks too easily).


Dark coloured carpet is best to create a more welcoming and less clinical feel to the space.


Replace white outlet covers with black covers to reduce distracting elements. Ideally power-points should be positioned low to the ground.

Climate control

Ensure your space has air-conditioning as temperature can have a significant impact on the user;s comfort levels.